Vintage RoadRunner Travel Trailer Camper Resources, Links, and Forums!


Woo-hoo, there are more aficionados of the fabulous L&M RoadRunner Fine Travel Trailers than I knew!

Below please find a list of forums, blogs, and websites that I have recently been made aware of -dedicated to the one and only RoadRunner!!   -enjoy!

(If you own, are thinking of owning, or are renovating a vintage RoadRunner camper -I recommend joining the Facebook forum below, for sure!)

Facebook Group (forum) Roadrunner Travel Trailers

Roadrunner Revival website

Blog entry on Roadrunner travel trailers

Restored RoadRunner on Burst PhotoBooths

Vintage RoadRunner Camper Project

Roadrunner restoration blog

Shameless plug for all of my own RoadRunner restoration entries 🙂


The best part -camping in your RoadRunner 🙂


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