Road~Trip’n !

Summer 2010 Road~Trip

I came to refer to THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ROAD TRIP as TUSRT. Rhymes with dessert.

Our road trip route departed our home in Smalltown, Wyoming and headed south through Colorado and into New Mexico. There we joined Historic Route 66 at Santa Fe and followed The Mother Road west through New Mexico, Arizona, and California to its terminus at the edge of the Pacific ocean. In Santa Monica, CA we joined the old Pacific Highway and drive north up the coast of California and Oregon. Then we headed to Portland, OR. From there, our road lead east through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

TUSRT”, I said to my husband, “is going to be epic. I’m going to blog about it.”

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2 thoughts on “Road~Trip’n !

  1. My what long legs you have, Grandma! (referring to the pic above) *hee*…I can’t wait to see what souvenirs you pick up….you need to take pics! Hubby needs to be proud of his brows…very well groomed 🙂 You know, after seeing your pictures here with the Volkswagen Vans…that would be the ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE road trip. I dare ya to do that one next!

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