I’m all about old stuff, with a particular fascination for all things mid-century. Two things have happened since I began this blog years ago: First, I restored a 1969 travel trailer (which I blog about here), and second, I finally admitted to myself that my obsession for finding and bringing home vintage items was about to crowd me out of my house. I put many of the vintage things in the vintage camper, and the problem still was not solved. I went out on a limb and tried selling some of the vintage things out of the camper -and from this first experiment, Mid Century Myrtle; Vintage Living Everyday!  was born. Check us out on the links below!

Things you may find in this blog:

  • Vintage Camper renovation / restoration. Apparently, I’m addicted.
  • photography ~ I am never without a camera, just lately my current obsession is Polaroid, my favorites being my Original SX-70 SLR (that I paid a hefty price for on ebay), my SLR 680 (that I found at a yard sale, mint-in-the-box for $10, go figure), and my Land Model 195 (that someone gave me for free because they knew I “like those old cameras!”) But it might also be the old Nikon FE I learned on, iPhone (which takes very nice shots, actually),  a light-leaky Holga, my sweet turquoise Diana with her fabulous plastic fisheye lens, or my new digital Nikon- whose many, many buttons, menus, and digital functions remain somewhat mysterious to me still…
  • roadside americana, unusual tourist attractions, off-beat travel, and the chronicles of my personal best road-trip on that fabled Mother Road -Historic Route 66…
  • educational bits ~ I like to research the history of places I travel. I like to share what I have discovered with random strangers.
  • unwonted topics ~ unusual or curious topics interest me. I collect photos of dead people. They are antiques (historical relics, if you will), thus not at all morbid.
  • things that are old, in general ~ As a small-time antiquities dealer, I encounter fascinating objects from the past: from ephemera to more substantial, lasting objects of interest. {For “small-time antiquities dealer” read “renting a small corner booth-space in a large antique store in order to justify all items purchased at yard-sales & estate sales as ‘stock required to replenish the booth’ “}
  • many other things that I would write about if I had time to write about them, and not just think about them.

Ostrobogulation Os´tro`bog`u`la`tion

noun.  (Gr. Antiq.) ostrobogulous behavior


Ostrobogulous Os´tro`bog`u`lous

adj.  (Gr. Antiq.) chiefly humorous, slightly risqué, or indecent; bizarre, interesting, or unusual.

[imp. & p. p. ostrobogulation; p. pr. & adv. n. ostrobogulatory .]


Cackleberry Cack´le`ber`ry

noun.   an egg, humorous.

[plural, (cackleberries) ]


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